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Submitted on
February 3, 2011
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"Cloud ,are you even listening?"


The raven haired elder rolled his eyes a little in utter disatisfaction, earning a lift to the younger's body motions to stay awake more. First Class SOILDER member, Zackary Fair, just sighed with a smile. Though he was older, he just couldn't help but smile at the little blond cadet. He was called Zack Fair instead of Zackary, though the yonger never quite understood the reason why; But he also needed to aquire some courage before ever actually asking.

"Cloud, seriously, try and stay with me, Okay?" Zack commanded softly, patting the other's spiky hair with his palm. Cloud's eyes squinted a little, slightly retreating from the hand like a kitten does, before setteling intot he rubbing sensation. Zack smiled at Cloud, how he liked this certain cadet was indescribeable, he was just too cute to be any rank of insignificent.

"Okay.. I'll try." Cloud muttered sheepishly, letting Zack take back his hand to a pile of notepads. Cloud followed him easily with his eyes, Zack taking no notice. The blond, in a attempt to keep himself awake, shook his spiky head around violently. This earned nothing but a headache afterwards, what a fail.

"Ok- Forget this- Cloud, you don't have to worry about this anymore. You need to get some sleep." The black-haired mentor sighed, closing the book and setting it down on the Director's desk. Cloud jumped in suprise, "N-No no! W-We have to finish this, Zack!" he retorted loudly. Zack laughed a little, "Look Spike- I've done more than witness your sleeping habit changes. Hell- I've seen you get up and walk around the SOILDER portion of the building more and more every week. You need some sleep or your just gonna split off at the waist!"

Cloud looked down, remembering his problem. He lived with several other older cadets, and they almost always teased him to the point of harm. Kicking- punching -scratching -it was all the same with them, physical harm always came to Cloud. Either out of revenge or random outbursts of anger, he didn't know, but he always ended up hurt somehow. But dear god, he couldn't have his own MENTOR defend him, that would just give Cloud a weak appearence!

"Oh, I just..." Cloud tried to defend himself but Zack just placed both hands on Cloud's shoulders, looking the blue eyed cadet in the eyes. "Cloud, whats wrong? I know something is up and I want to know. I demand an answer." Zack commanded softly, with no harm intended, it still scared Cloud even more than usual.

"I swear Sir, your just overeacting, Its nothing." Cloud tried to smile, but it faltered at the glare of the mako infused eyes of his elder instructor. the blond pulled Zack's hands off, "Look, Sir, no disrespect intended, but I can handle this without you." he assured, forcing a small smile to mask his true emotion.

For a second, Zack's eyes narrowed in anger but soon returned to soft pupils of deep green, mako infused, water-like colors. He nodded and waved Cloud off to his room on level 48 of the Shin-ra building. "Goodnight, Spike." He whispered, watching as Cloud turned and left with a heartpounding run for the elevators. Zack began to wonder, but he didn't want to ask incase he was wrong somehow. It was so hard to tell if Cloud was really ok or not. That smile was a well mask even Zack couldn't pull off...

The next day, however, Cloud had a physical mark to show something was wrong and that Zack had been right all along. His face was showing a white band-aid and his hand was badly hurt and bandaged. Of course, Zack had been noified immedetly since Cloud was his student and he rushed to his side almost as quickly as the wind itself rotates a hurricane.

"Cloud! What the hell happened to you! I told you to go to bed didn't I?! Did something happen there?!" Zack rushed Cloud's head with quiestions as clotted as the blood against the bandage. The blond shook his head, "I tripped and fell, Mmkay? Nothing more than a fall on some of my roommate's wepaons. I'm okay though."

"NO YOUR NOT!" Zack pressed on angerly, "Cloud! Stop feeding me lies and tell me the damn truth for once!" zack gripped the younger's shoulders tightly, eyes narrowed to slits. Cloud froze in fear of Zack's newest emotion, he stumbeled backwards, landing on his back. zack tried to calm and offer the youth some help but the blond had been faster to scramble up and shoot out the room. Zack's fist clenched up, he HAD to save Cloud. He just knew by gut feeling someone or something was pisking at Cloud while he wasn't around to help.

Maybe it was the cadets in his room? That would make total sense. They were there at night when he wasn't, and they had the lesiure to lie to cover up themselves. AND they could easily threaten or even kill his friend in a couple of minutes with their number of 5 per cabin. Zack thought this completley unfair by even Shin-ra standerds.

That does it, Zack thought, I will save Cloud. Before he ends up worse off or dead.

"You little shit!"
Cloud felt a blow to his forehead, the boot of the older colliding rashly with his mouth immedetly aftwards. The smash knocked him onto the floor and slamming hard into the wall with a loud "THUD" sound. The blond saw blood run from his mouth and on the bottom of the other's boot as he let it down again. The older laughed  at the yonger's pain and blood, leaning down on him from above, "Does that hurt Cloud?"

The blond didn't reply, scrambeling away quickly and trying to run, but the 2nd cadet grabbed Cloud's straps and slapped him back to the bed frame. The smash knocked the back of his head with the railing, like a hard scratch at his back of pain. He tried to yell out instinctively, but the 1st cadet kicked him yet again on the shoulder, near the pressure point that resided there.  The blond cried, tears running down his cheeks as they continued to wail apoun the helpless younger without mercy. They continued laughing their heads off as they beat Cloud near the point of blacking out on the floor. He lay in a large puddle of blood on the floor, shuddering violently in pain and hurt.

"GET off of CLOUD!"
Something grabbed the two and threw them, literally threw them, off Cloud, and  stepped protectivley out infront of him. Cloud's vision was terrible but he made out his rescuer, it was Zack. But the blond couldn't stay away any longer, and he ended up fainting on the floor, caked in blood as Zack dealt with the roommates in the worst manner he could never imagaine.



The raven haired man smiled in releif,  "Thank god you made it through alright." He spoke softly, stroking Cloud's spiky hair. The yonger cadet blinked, "Did me?" he asked quietly, earning a nod. The blond looked suprised. "What? Why?" he asked in suprise. Zack Fair just laughed, "God, Spike! I can;t beleive how cute you look when your clueless! But I suppose I could tell you..."

Zack smiled as Cloud tilted his head and awaited an answer, the mentor grinned. "Hm... or I could show you why." He proposed slyly. Cloud sat up in the bed, looking at Zack funny. "What?" Before the blond could ask again, Zack pressed a hand on the back of the smaller's head and pressed their lips together.

Cloud's eyes widened, What was going on?! He, none-the-less complied by placed a hand on Zack's shoulder. The raven haired man slightly smiled, throwing his hand around Cloud's wrist and gripping them together behind him, using the other to tilt his head up while the kiss got more heated. The blond squirmed his hands around, trying to get them free, but the kiss was too distracting and he soon abondoned the thought and action into oblivion. The older continued smiling until he let go of the younger, giving him and Cloud time to breathe. But he let go of Cloud's hands quickly and sighed, getting up, "I'm sorry Cloud. But I love you." The man was about to walk out in guilt but didn;t expect Cloud's hand to shoot out and snatch up a clump of his shirt, making the mentor turn around to face his student. The blond's shimmering blue eyes told him one thing.

That he felt the same way.
This consisted of two full hours of nonstop writing. UGH My fingers hurt and I'm taking a shower after this because I get my best ideas in the shower (Lol right?) and this robbed me of them all. ><;

And still... this is a Clack thing. So wee... the usual. I guess I wanted to write something. Cloud gets hurt and dosen't have enough courage to tell Zack, and he has to find out on his own before Cloud ends up in deep trouble.

We....blah blah blah....

Cloud and Zack belong to Square Enix.
The plot belongs to me. :)
Dedicated to:
My sick friend, Yoshiamamora (Jessica)
and all the rest of them too~ <3 I love you guys! :)
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